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Most of the enquiries we receive start with 'please can you explain how the process works' we have made this section to hopefully make things clearer and easier to figure out which of the design services might work for you.  If you would like a quick chat first please get in touch and we can talk it through.


Full Design & Brand Visuals

A full physical design, branding and visualisation package

For businesses either starting out or refreshing, Lynsey and Jo listen to your stories, why you do what you do and work with you to physically and visually represent and elevate your brand

- In this package Lynsey Ford and Jo Melia work together collaborating to blend the physical and visualisation of the brand 

- We meet with you either via an online consultation or in person (dependent on location) 

- Prior to the meeting we will ask you to gather and provide as much information as possible about your project through briefing documents, we will have reviewed all the information submitted before meeting to allow the time to be as informative and helpful as possible.

- Following the meeting we will provide summary briefing documents and initial designs - depending how much involvement you would like from us we can then work with you to develop the design for the space and the brand.  Working towards the launch of both the physical space and the brand identity, including website and social media.




Design Consultation

Either the start or a one stop meeting with actionable design solutions

£450 + vat

- Up to 2 hr online consultation (or in person location dependent)

- Prior to the meeting we will ask you to complete a questionnaire and submit as much information as you have available about your space / aspirations.  

- Prior to the meeting we will have reviewed all the information submitted allowing the meeting to be as informative and helpful as possible.

- The discussion in the meeting will depend on what you are looking to achieve from it, whether it is the beginning of us working together or a one stop with suggested design solutions.

- After the meeting we will follow up with a summary email and drawings (if relevant) of what we have discussed.



05Lynsey Ford.JPG
17Lynsey Ford.JPG

Layout Check

Starting at £450 + vat


-Having reviewed and designed plans for more than 20 years we can analyse your proposed or existing layouts for you and provide advice on how to optimise the use of the space. 

-Unfortunately we don't produce planning drawings but we have worked on numerous projects where we help refine plans clients have had produced and aren't quite happy with or work to provide layouts that can be taken to others to draw up. 

-As with design consultations this would involve learning more about you and your aspirations for the space through the completion of a questionnaire.  You providing as much information as possible on the space including dimensioned drawings where possible.

- We would provide as little or as much detail as required for the project to help you undertake the work required to make the space work for your business or family. 

Full Design Service

As it sounds this is a full service we can provide the following but this will be different for the unique nature of each project ...

- Detailed review of plans

- Survey property and create scaled CAD plans and initial model

- Establish timeframes, budget and logistics

- Identify design preferences

- Full review and completion of Brief

- Develop and review layouts

- Present early 3D model, describe volumetric aspects of the design

- Investigate finishes, design styles and influences

- Initial Mood Boards

- Concept review meeting

- Detailed design development

- Refine internal layout

- Specify key finishes, materials for floors, walls and furniture

- Define lighting concepts

- M & E review and sign off

- Detailed design review

- Sourcing purchase lists

- Co-ordination of main furniture design

- Construction stage plans for each room

- Elevations of each wall

- Lighting layout

- Bespoke furniture drawings

- Technical design review meeting

- Place purchase orders

- Co-ordinate deliveries

- Co-ordination of installation

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