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About Us

Creating design with purpose that responds to the unique nature of every space

Lynsey Ford is an Architect and Interior Designer based in West Yorkshire.


She has worked in architecture and construction for the past 20 years and has a track record in delivering original and creative solutions for her clients.


Over the past six years Lynsey has developed the interiors side of her work and has relished taking her design to the next level, creating beautiful whilst functional spaces.


She works closely with clients to really understand their needs, then explore and develop the brief to deliver design solutions to create spaces which are practical, creative and captivating.


Lynsey's architectural training and experience gives her an understanding of space and proportion that elevates her interior design work: creating original solutions for the projects she is working on to ensure every element of the space is complementary.

The company has grown since its inception and Lynsey now works alongside Adrian Ford who brings extensive experience in construction, project management and all things commercial.  

We are also incredibly excited to be working with Jo Melia, who is an extraordinary artist, photographer and designer with considerable experience in working with brands to capture the soul of their business through her work.  Jo's eye for detail and experience in launching new business' means we can offer more to clients who are either setting up or reinventing their offer, with the interior design forming part of the bigger picture. If you are interested in finding more out about Jo and her work, you can find her here .

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Our Story

Lynsey began working in an Architects practice at 16 and fell in love with the profession.  There is something very special about working with people to transform their spaces and create something that either changes the way a business functions or the way a home is lived in.  Before, during and after her studies Lynsey travelled and worked when away, this has resulted in Lynsey working in Canada, Australia, South Africa, USA, Uganda and obviously the UK.  These experiences have shaped Lynsey's outlook and approach to design.

'For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about the impact good architecture can have on our wellbeing and lives but also the impact on the environment.  The Built Environment makes up a substantial percentage of energy use in the UK and as designers I believe we have a huge responsibility.  This something I bring through my work but also practice in my own personal environmental impact.  Our home has been designed  to minimise our energy use, the majority of the glazing is south facing, we have an exposed concrete floor which acts as a thermal mass, we have a full south facing roof covered in solar panels with accompanying battery storage,  an air source heat pump and underfloor heating throughout (which we barely ever need to have on) .  The Studio is in our garden and is powered by the solar on the house.'

Winning 'Interior Design Masters' has changed the shape of Lynsey's business and we now link the Architectural work with  Interiors and this is working fantastically well.  We have found ourselves working with many start up businesses helping them develop the brand through the interiors this has led to Lynsey now working closely with Jo Melia providing a complete Interiors and branding package to businesses who are either setting up or having a rebrand.  

Meet The Team


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